Support Groups

Connect with affinity groups and communities of support and shared experience.

Supporting Well-Being

Opportunities to share your wellness journeys

Interpersonal Process Group
Support group for understanding self and others (offered by CAPs)

Mindfulness Meetups
Meet-up groups for any UVA students to engage in mindfulness practices in a safe and supportive space (offered by CAPs and CSC) 

Wellness Support Groups 
Various groups offered by the Counseling & Wellness Services Team at the Women’s Center

Mental Health Communities

Communities of comfort and care

Group Therapy
A variety of CAPs groups aimed at providing community support in dealing with a variety of issues

Sexual Assault Survivors Group
A Women’s Center peer support group for healing from trauma

Free, virtual mental health care 24/7 for students via mobile app or web platform. A TimelyCare and CAPS partnership provides students with 12 counselor visits/year, 24/7 access to on-demand mental health support through TalkNow, and psychiatry visits and referrals

Social Connection and Belonging

Opportunities to build positive relationships with your peers

Collegiate Recovery Program
Whether you’ve been sober for 30 minutes or 30 years, the CRP is here for you. Join a community of people who offer encouragement, understanding, and accessible tools to support you on your journey

Hoos Connected at UVA
Small student groups for making and discussing meaningful connections

LGBTQ+ Support Group
A support group for students to become more comfortable with their gender, identity, and sexuality

Multicultural Mentoring Programs 
Identity-based peer mentoring programs for first-year and transfer students

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