Mentorships & Public Service

Get involved in helping others flourish for a mutual boost in well-being.

Health and Well-Being

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT)
“Peer educator group that serves as a resource and keeps students on Grounds informed and aware of their decisions while out with friends”

Peer Health Educators 
Mentors who “empower their peers to practice holistic health and well-being in a positive, supportive, interactive, and nonjudgmental manner”

Transfer Student Peer Advisors (TSPA)
A “peer resource for incoming transfer students making the transition to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture” of UVA

Sustainability Advocates 
Students who provide sustainability information to peers and “help to foster a sense of community and stewardship for the planet”

Multicultural and Social Justice

Multicultural Peer Mentors
Students who provide identity-based peer mentorship for first-year and transfer students  

Office of African-American Affairs Peer Advisors
Students who assist “Black first-year and entering transfer students with their college transition by providing personalized, sensitive support and counseling”

Social Justice Education Collective
“A collaborative and diverse group of students who aim to educate their peers on culture and issues of social justice”


Engaged UVA
Information for UVA students, faculty, and staff on current and ongoing community based initiatives, courses, and projects

Madison House 
The volunteer center for UVA students

Rise Together 
Mentoring program connecting UVA students with K-12 youth in Albemarle County

Student Service Organizations  
UVA student groups involved in local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, or activism

UVA Public Service 
Opportunities that connect “students, faculty, and community partners to social entrepreneurship, community engagement, and co–curricular service opportunities”

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