Wisdom is understanding, intelligently navigating, and finding meaning in your life experiences.

There are three key components of Wisdom:

  1. Knowledge: Deep and broad familiarity with yourself and the wider world and a passion to continually learn 
  2. Insight: The ability to make intelligent decisions, think critically and creatively, and ethically reason
  3. Appreciation: Recognizing, valuing, expressing, and being in awe of the aesthetic qualities of life including art, beauty, novelty, and discovery

To reach your highest potential for well-being and happiness requires continual learning, higher-level thinking, and the ability to recognize the beauty of life. 

Academic courses
SFU’s curated list of UVA courses for gaining greater understanding of and insight into the well-being of people, communities, and the wider world 

Career Center
Numerous resources and opportunities for exploring and pursuing career interests and goals, developing career skills, and finding jobs 

College of Arts & Sciences Student Services
Academic support, advising, and tutoring services

Events, opportunities, and resources supporting long-term career success for all PhD students and Postdoctoral scholars across all disciplines

Total Advising
Comprehensive and holistic guide to resources and services for students related to Living on Grounds, Student Involvement, and and Well-Being 

Writing Center
Consulting services for all kinds and stages of writing available to all current UVA students

Flourish App
A new mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn habits, practices, and other activities that support cultivating WISDOM and the other Keys to Flourishing (under development from CSC)

Insight Timer
Award-winning smartphone app featuring guided meditations, mini courses, and other content that supports WISDOM (UVA students have free access to the app’s premium content)

Intellectual Well-Being
A collection of resources across Grounds supporting the cultivation of cognitive and academic well-being and WISDOM, including time management and study tips (compiled by the Office of Health Promotion)

University of Flourishing
A vast online portal of information, audio and video resources, and virtual events for exploring the art and science of WISDOM and other Keys to Flourishing (under development from the Contemplative Sciences Center)

Career Center’s Student Organizations list
Student organizations categorized by relevance to career-related interests and skills, such as Public Service and Government; Creative Arts, Media, and Design; and Education, Counseling, and Youth Development

Internships & Fellowships
Opportunities to gain leadership skills and professional experience while helping individuals and communities thrive

UVA Arts
Opportunities to cultivate WISDOM through artistic and creative experiences and appreciation

Featured Events & Classes