Resilience is the ability to optimally respond to change and challenging circumstances. 

There are three key components of Resilience:

  1. Adaptability:
    The flexibility to adjust to and learn or grow from difficulty, change, or uncertainty
  2. Perseverance:
    The motivation and strength to persist despite struggle and setbacks 
  3. Courage:
    The bravery and integrity to pursue your purpose, values, and responsibilities despite fear or other obstacles 

The only constants in life are change, challenge, and uncertainty, and having the capacity and tools to effectively respond to and negotiate them is essential. 

CAPS Support Groups
Support groups for understanding self and others and dealing with a variety of mental health and well-being issues (offered by Counseling and Psychological Services)

Contemplative Sciences Center
Classes, workshops, coaching, and other resources related to meditation, mindfulness, yoga, experiential learning, and other practices for cultivating RESILIENCE

Mindfulness Meetup Groups
Meet-up groups for any UVA students to engage in mindfulness practices for greater focus, resilience, and well-being in a safe and supportive space (offered by CAPs and CSC) 

Office of Health Promotion & Well-Being
Wide-ranging services, including nutrition resources and counseling, one-on-one well-being consulting (WahooWell), Collegiate Recovery Program, Sexual Respect programming, and more 

Total Advising
Comprehensive and holistic guide to resources and services for students related to Living on Grounds, Student Involvement, and Well-Being 

Wellness Support Groups 
Various groups offered by the Counseling & Wellness Services Team at the Women’s Center

Flourish App
A new mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn habits, practices, and other activities that support RESILIENCE and the other Keys to Flourishing  (under development from CSC)

Insight Timer
Award-winning smartphone app featuring guided meditations, mini courses, and other content that supports RESILIENCE, including CSC recommended playlists for Relaxation and Self-Care (UVA students have free access to the app’s premium content)

A free online mental health tool offered through CAPS

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself
Resources for developing emotion regulation, mindfulness skills, and more from Student Health and Wellness

University of Flourishing
A vast online portal of information, audio and video resources, and virtual events for exploring the art and science of RESILIENCE and other Keys to Flourishing (under development from the Contemplative Sciences Center)

Student Groups, Clubs, & Activities 
Opportunities to build RESILIENCE through positive social relationships and experiences 

Mentorships & Public Service 
Opportunities to help others for a mutual boost in RESILIENCE and well-being

Featured Events & Classes