Connection is recognizing, valuing, and navigating your interdependence with others, nature, and worlds beyond your self. 

There are three key components of Connection:

  1. Social Connection:
    Intimate and mutually caring relationships with other people 
  2. Nature Connection:
    Connecting to and embracing the natural world
  3. Transcendent Connection:
    Appreciation for and a sense of connection with worlds beyond your self

Your well-being and potential are interdependent with that of all living beings and the natural environment, and both positive social relationships and feeling a part of something beyond yourself predict greater happiness, health, and meaning.

Contemplative Sciences Center
Contemplative practice classes, workshops, coaching, and other resources for cultivating CONNECTION socially, ecologically, aesthetically, spiritually, and beyond

CAPS Support Groups
Support groups for understanding self and others and dealing with a variety of mental health and well-being issues (offered by Counseling and Psychological Services)

Hoos Connected at UVA
Small student groups for making and discussing meaningful connections

Support Group
A support group for students to become more comfortable with their gender, identity, and sexuality

Mindfulness Meetup Groups
Meet-up groups for any UVA students to engage in mindfulness practices together in a safe and supportive space (sponsored by CAPs and CSC) 

Multicultural Student Centers 
Support groups, spaces, and opportunities for community and connection among historically underrepresented students

Office of African American Affairs 
Mentorship, peer advising, and other community support and connection resources for African American students

Religion and Spirituality Resources
UVA departments, centers, and student groups supporting faith-based, religious, and/or spiritual communities and connection

Wellness Support Groups 
Various support groups offered by the Counseling & Wellness Services Team at the Women’s Center

Flourish App
A new mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn habits, practices, and other activities that support cultivating CONNECTION and the other Keys to Flourishing (under development from CSC)

Insight Timer
Award-winning smartphone app featuring guided meditations, mini courses, and other content that supports CONNECTION, including CSC’s Practice of Kindness & Care (UVA students have free access to the app’s premium content)

University of Flourishing
A vast online portal of information, audio and video resources, and virtual events for exploring the art and science of CONNECTION and other Keys to Flourishing (under development from the Contemplative Sciences Center)

University Programs Council
“Student-run programming board provides students and other members of the University and Charlottesville communities with a wide variety of entertaining and educational activities and events”

UVA’s student engagement hub and platform for getting involved with student organizations and events

Student Affairs calendar and newsletter that lists various social events and activities around Grounds

Featured Events & Classes