Awareness is the ability to optimally focus, attend to your bodily and mental processes, and navigate your emotions and those of others. 

There are three key components of Awareness:

  1. Attention:
    Being able to focus and not be distracted, maintain open awareness, or let your mind wander in creative ways when appropriate
  2. Self-Awareness:
    Being mindful of and responsive to your physical sensations, perceptions, and mental processes
  3. Emotional Balance:
    Recognizing emotional experiences in yourself and others and making necessary adjustments to enhance your emotional and social life

Being attentive to and proactive about your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of self, others, and the wider world is foundational to flourishing in every aspect of life. 

Contemplative Sciences Center
Classes, workshops, coaching, and other resources related to meditation, mindfulness, yoga, experiential learning, and other practices for cultivating AWARENESS

The Contemplative Commons
Innovative multipurpose complex at the heart of Grounds designed for contemplative and experiential approaches to academic learning and co and extra-curricular activities 

Hereford Residential College 
UVA residential college emphasizing well-being through mindfulness, social awareness, and sustainability

Mindfulness Meetup Groups
Meet-up groups for any UVA students to engage in mindfulness practices in a safe and supportive space (sponsored by CAPs and CSC)

Resiliency Rooms
Spaces on Grounds open to all students, faculty, and staff at the University that are dedicated to relaxation, quiet reflection, and/or contemplative group activities

Flourish App
A new mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn habits, practices, and other activities that support AWARENESS and the other Keys to Flourishing (under development from CSC)

Insight Timer
Award-winning smartphone app featuring guided meditations, mini courses, and other content for cultivating AWARENESS, including CSC’s recommended playlist for Attentional Focus (UVA students have free access to the app’s premium content)

Tips for Beginner Meditators
Quick-start guide on practicing different types of meditation from the Contemplative Sciences Center

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself
Resources for developing emotion regulation, mindfulness skills, and more from Student Health and Wellness

University of Flourishing
A vast online portal of information, audio and video resources, and virtual events for exploring the art and science of AWARENESS and other Keys to Flourishing (under development from the Contemplative Sciences Center)

Student Groups/Clubs

Bhakti Yoga Club
Student organization “established in order to unite spirituality and sustainability”

Hereford Residential College 
UVA residential college emphasizing well-being through mindfulness, social awareness, and sustainability

Student organization with a mission “to foster a higher degree of mindfulness and healthy living in the UVA community, one breath at a time”

Student organization bringing “mindfulness and movement to the UVA community”


Citizen Leaders and Sports Ethics Community Impact Fellowship  
A one-year leadership program for student-athletes to develop programs supporting fellow student athletes using evidenced-based tools such as mindfulness and other contemplative practices and approaches ( sponsored by UVA Athletics and the Contemplative Sciences Center)

Contemplative Sciences Center Internships 
Diverse internships and employment opportunities to assist CSC’s student flourishing and contemplative scholarship initiatives

Featured Events & Classes